Key Lime Pie

I cannot think of a tropical area and not think of Key Lime Pie.  I always thought Key Lime Pie would be hard to make, until my grandmother taught me to make the following recipe years ago.  I am including a recipe to make the graham cracker crust from scratch, but feel free to buy a 9-inch prepared crust if you would like.

Ingredients for Crust

18 Graham cracker squares crushed into crumbs. (I use the food processor).

¼ Pound of butter (Not margarine)

½ Cup sugar

¼ Teaspoon cinnamon

Ingredients for Key Lime Filling

3 Cups sweetened condensed milk

½ Cup of sour cream

¾ Cup of Key Lime Juice

1 Tablespoon of grated lime zest


for crust

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

In a large mixing bowl, combine the graham cracker crumbs, butter, sugar, and cinnamon.

Mix the ingredients together thoroughly with your fingertips, then pack them tightly into a 9-inch pie plate.

Place the pie plate in the center rack of your oven and bake for 10 minutes.

Remove crust from oven

For key lime filling

Reduce oven temperature to 350 degrees

Mix all ingredients well and pour into prepared pie crust.

Bake in oven for 5-8 minutes until tiny bubbles start to burst.  DO NOT BROWN!

Remove pie from oven and allow to cool thoroughly.

Garnish with whipped topping and lime slices if desired.